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Tamps & Bens Raffle and Auction Supporting Bognorphenia Music Project Fundraiser

The Music Project are very grateful that two local artists Tamp Painter & Ben Cav that Bognorphenia has been lucky enough to work with on community projects, these guys are very talented artists and have come together to raise money for the music project. A variety of well known artists around the country agreed to join them through an Auction & Raffle to help raise money for the young people.

Artists Include

Fanakapan Brighton

the london police Amsterdam

the postman Brighton

Disney Birmingham

tboy Chichester

Sam Illustrations Littlehampton

BRT Essex

horace Worthing

fark Portsmouth

mook loves you Portsmouth

midge Portsmouth

aroma one N london

ben cav Littlehampton

TAMP Bognor Regis

broken thugz club Leeds

MEDZ W London

kilogram W London

thirteen scorpios Worthing

a little bit of hope Bognor Regis

hotkunst Austria

The art is amazing and one offs and if you are interested in what's available check this link out you will not be disappointed Bognorphenia Charity Art Auction | eBay Stores

Here is a preview of some of the art available. Thanks to all the artists who have donated Bognorphenia Love

The Raffle is £2.50 a ticket or buy 2 tickets and get one free which you could win some great prizes follow this link

Thank You to Fatboy Slim ,Bruce Foxton Russell Hastings From The Jam & Jamie T for donating these great prizes

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