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Our key priorities for 2015/16 are:
  • Improving communications
  • Contingency planning
  • Improving security

Well done to Kez and the team for all the creativity and hard work.  
Fair play to you all.

Bognorphenia scoops 1st prize at Carnival celebrations

Fundraiser Event

Kez Bridger‎ Bognorphenia Events Page
Good morning everyone, we have lots planned leading
up to Christmas but to start please share this for 
Bognorphenia, the money raised will support children's 
activities for the summer holidays. Tickets £5 or £7 OTD we are still looking for
Raffle prizes if anyone can help

Sun 10 May 15

Bognorphenia shared Samantha Bayley's photo10 May at 08:01 ·
Fitness for all & Bognorphenia Working together for the northern soul lessons. Please check the link be great to see you. This weds 8pm till 9pm
Samantha Bayley with Marcus Saunders and 3 others
New northern soul dance class on Wednesday night at the holy cross church next to the pink pub £ 4-00 a class from 8-00 to 9-00 everyone welcome please share x

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Thanks to all the Volunteers that helped us at Bognorphenia 2015 there are so many to thank but I have not got you all on Photo yet. Thank you to Adam white for joining the children to take pictures of there Banner Design, Nic Dunnaway who also DJ at the after party much appreciated along side Martin Jackson and Keith Robertson.