Bridger, Founder & Managing Director
Kez is our leader, our inspiration and the founder of Bognorphenia.
As a community leader Kez works voluntarily at grass roots level, mainly supporting the wider community, especially young people, families, children and older people.  
Kez loves to organise live music events to raise funds for local community projects 
She is gifted with boundless creative energy and integrity - and once you meet her your life will be changed forever!

Kez has worked for many years as a volunteer Community Leader at Grass Roots level.  She is well known and respected for helping run major events which are held for the wider community.  She has considerable experience of planning and facilitating events to raise community funding.  Her skills are very much in the community engagement field - improving community cohesion by encouraging people to participate in local events.  She is well known and valued by Arun District Council and Bognor Community Action Network.  

Kez trained as Parent Support Worker, Community Leader, Fundraiser, Food Safety and Cook & Eat Facilitator and is a member of the Foster Care Panel.  Using those skills she has worked with hundreds of young people, families and older people.  In Sept 2014 she set up an unincorporated Voluntary Group called Bognorphenia, (having project managed this event this year with great success) and it will now be an annual event, raising funds for other local community groups and charities.  Kez has clear insight into the needs of the deprived areas of Bognor Regis.  She was in foster care when young, homeless as a teenager and a single mother; she can empathise with those who have little or no family support and find themselves isolated.